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Dove's Flight

Support and Comfort for the Terminally Ill and Their Famillies
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Each year, many thousands of families are confronted by a loved one becoming terminally ill with some form of cancer or other life threatening or ending malady. Here is a page designed to provide whatever aid and comfort I can give to others,   though at times, in need of it myself. I hope it  helps others deal with the grieving that needs to be done though  I must confess I am lousy at dealing with this myself.

For me  and my family   the last several years have been rough ones with several loses in our extended family,  several from cancer, one from a heroin overdose, and one from natural causes. This page is my attempt to help others in any way that  I possibly can,  though I must confess that I am lousy at dealing with some of these aspects of grieving myself.  Here are a  few thoughts I would like to offer, though that may seem like cold comfort to the bereaved:
1. The life that has just ended is a life worth celebrating and fondly remembering.
2. The person who has passed on has entered into the loving hands of our Heavenly Father and is in the finest Hands there  are.
3. It is perfectly all right for men as well as women   to shed tears over the passing of loved ones.
4. When holding a Feast also known as a Wake, it is an excellent time to celebrate a life that has just passed. Remember the  good times and the love that that person had to give.
5.Emphasise the humorous sides to that  life that just ended. A good, hearty laugh can help with the healing process.
While I don't claim  to have all the answers, anyone who has any ideas to add to this  page is requested to e-mail me  at: and I will be happy to look  them over and add them to this   page. This page  has one purpose and  one purpose only;   to provide aid and comfort to the  bereaved as well  as families of the terminally  ill and help them make the final days as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. 

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