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The purpose of this page is to call attention to problems of violence, its causes and encourage brainstorming of ideas that suggest  solutions. There will be NO politics or anything of such poisonous nature as was found on the Mainline to Peace site, which Dove's Flight replaces. The feedback form  that appears on the home  page is intended for use as sort of a message board or feedback forum as I have no idea of how  to set up a message board.

The tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is one that is most deserving of each and everyone of us's  help. After seeing the people sitting at the New Orleans Convention Center after being directed there by government officials and  being without food or water  for four days, with  fatal consequences in some cases, I find it hard to believe that a country as wealthy as ours would treat its poor people, living in one of the most impoverished cities in the land, so shabbily.  It makes me wonder  how George W. Bush could possibly sleep at night  or live with himsellf after seeing so much suffering on  the TV news. That so many thousands of people could be allowed to go without food and/or water for so long deeply disturbs me, so much so, that this is an example of why I compare George Bush with Adolf Hitler. Both started wars. Both allowed holocausts  to occur. These people in New Orleans and along  our Gulf coast deserve better than this. They deserve to be treated with more diginity and respect than they are now. They do  NOT deserve to be allowed to starve to death. However there is something we can do about it. Donate to the American Red Cross, these wonderful people are the experts  in disaster relief  and have demonstrated time and time again   that they are more competent than our own Federal Government, especially an Administration who sees a war over oil more important than the welfare of  the most helpless of the American  People. Such hypocrisy is so sickening that it turns my stomach. Lets' do   something about it and funnel what hel p we can give our Gulf Coast neighbors through the Red Cross and Salvation army, Unlike the Federal Government, their  response is quick and dependable, too many people have already bet their lives on the Feds and  lost. Enough is enough. Let's save these people NOW!!!!
The escalating costs of heating one's home or apartment in the Northeast and Midwest should be of utmost concern to everyone. With some rates on natural gas predicted to go up by as much as 50 to 71 percent, the effects and potential threats to the well being of low income  people and families and people on fixed income. Fuel bills will end up being so high that  our most vulnerable people, the elderly or the very young will be confronted with the choice of "heat or eat". This is the latest example of corporate greed out of control. The potential for people turning to violence in light of this latest threat to their well being is very,very real. Not only will many people be faced with the prospects of a very bleak Christmas, but they will be damned lucky if they are not forced from their homes because heating costs have reached unaffordable levels and this Administration has not seen fit to do anything about it. That some people face the prospects of freezing to death this winter because they kept their thermostats turned so low to save on gas is, in this writer's opinion, totally unacceptable, and a moral sin, for which the gas company executives and the pathetic leadership of this country should and must be held accountable. Nothing could be more criminal than seeing families and elderly people freezing to death because they chose to " eat' rather than "heat." That people on low or fixed incomes should be forced into this position is totally unacceptable, and is all the more reason  to, pardon the pun, turn the heat up on our elected officials to do something about this threat, impose price controls, seizure of the gas companies, any thing to keep people from freezing to death because they were forced to turn their thermostats down because of the price gouging in the natural gas market. The following are phone numbers to call to "turn up the heat on your elected representatives in Congress:
1.Congressional Switchboard: 1(202)224-3121
2.White House Comment Line: 1(202)456-1111
Both the President and Congress are supposed to serve ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and not just corporate or other special interests. I urge all who read this to use these numbers and turn up the heat on our elected officials in Washington. Especially in the Northeast and Midwestern states.
Here are a few ideas on how to rein in the gun violence that is taking far too many lives, both young and old:
1. Turn up the heat on Congress to renew the Brady Bill ban on Assault style weapons. There is no legitimate sporting use for any of these weapons: AK47,M16, or Uzi semi automatic rifles.
2.Lobby Congress for authorising the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to apply the RICO laws to the National Rifle Association, since this organization may not be racketeering, but, in this author's opinion, is definitely very corrupt, and eligible for such prosecution.
3.Urge law enforcement to step up enforcement of existing gun laws and ask for legislation that calls for stiffer penalties for offenses involving the use of a gun, and that includes domestic violence.
4. Start a petition drive in your community to get ordinances enacted that restrict the use of guns in your community.
5.Subject the NRA to the same election law restrictions on funds that can be given to any one party or candidate.
By doing any or all of these things, we can go a long way toward getting assault weapons off the streets permanantly, rein in the NRA, which has gotten away with everything, but murder since the last of the assassinations of the 1960s.
Moreover, it is time to treat the NRA on a par with the terrorist organization, Al Quaeda, for many of its actions do contribute to the terrorism that now threatens to tear our cities apart and that terrorism comes in the form of illegal use of fire arms.