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The Lackawanna Express

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Bridge Line to New England and Canada
Chessie's Road
The Route of Phoebe Snow
The Broad Way Route
BR&P Buffalo Division
B&O Fourth Subdivision
Scenic Route of The East
The Big Little Railroad
Route of The Minuteman
Connecting Lines' Services
Route of The Black Diamond
The Friendly Service Route
Route of TrailVan Service
Linking 13 Great States With The Nation

Here we present the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, aka Chessie's Road in  all its glory in the diesel era..  We will take a look at freight and passenger operations, coal hauling, car ferry operations, and the people who made it all work.

Partial C&O Timeline. Here are a  few of the events that helped shape the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway from its beginnings to the railroad's inclusion in CSX Transportation.
1785.Original Company,James River Company, founded by George Washington.
1836. Louisa Railroad is organized
1849.Blue Ridge Railroad formed.
1850.In a reorganization, Virginia Central assumes operation and  assets of the Louisa Railroad.
1853.Covington and Ohio Railroad formed.
1868.Virginia Central changes name to Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
1880.Richmond  and Alleghany Railroad  acquires the James River and Alleghany Railroad.
1947. Pere Marquette Railroad merged into Chesapeake and Ohio Railway.
1956. C&O completely dieselized.
1963. C&O acquires control of the baltimore and ohio railroad.
1973. Chessie System holding company formed for its three railroads.
1980.CSX Corporation formed. 
1987.Baltimore and Ohio Railroad surrenders its charter   and is merged into Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, which,in  turn, is merged into CSX Transportation that same year. The  following is Chesapeake and Ohio's Family Tree:
1.James River Company,1785
2.Louisa Railroad, 1836 (renamed Virginia Central in 1850)
3.James River and Kanawha   Canal Company, 1875.
4.Blue Ridge Railroad
5.Covington and Ohio RR
6,Richmond and Alleghany RR
7.Chesapeake  and Ohio Railway (1878 reorganization of Virginia Central)
8.Chicago,Cincinnati and Louisville Railway
9.Kanawha and Michigan
10.Hocking Valley (merged in  1930)
11.Pere Marquette (merged  in  1947)
1.Richmond Division,350.2 miles
2.Clifton Forge Division,467.4 miles
3.Hocking Division,318.8 miles
4.Hinton Division,223.5 miles
5.Huntington Division,460.7miles
6.Ashland Division,531.7 miles
7.Cincinnati-Chicago Division,402.1 miles
8.Grand Rapids Division,707.1 miles
9.Saginaw Division,793.0 miles
10.Canadian Division,315.82 miles
Total Chesapeake and Ohio Railway: 4569.62 miles as taken from reprints of employee timetables of the 1950s published by C&OHS.
Noted Passenger  Trains: The F.F.V., The Sportsman, The George Washington, The Pere Marquettes, of these   trains, only the George Washington survived to become  part of the basic Amtrak system. It now operates as the Triweekly Cardinal between Washington,Cincinnati  and Chicago.

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