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The Lackawanna Express

The Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company
Bridge Line to New England and Canada
Chessie's Road
The Route of Phoebe Snow
The Broad Way Route
BR&P Buffalo Division
B&O Fourth Subdivision
Scenic Route of The East
The Big Little Railroad
Route of The Minuteman
Connecting Lines' Services
Route of The Black Diamond
The Friendly Service Route
Route of TrailVan Service
Linking 13 Great States With The Nation

Here will be found, a tour of the Erie Lackawanna Railroad, its facilities, equipment, the people who made it all work. All the great passenger trains: The Lake Cities, The Phoebe Snow, The Pacific Express, and Atlantic Express, to name a few are all here, together with coverage of the commuter operations and the railroad's bread and butter, its freight service.

A description of the territory seems like a good way to conduct a tour of The Friendly Service Route, as Erie Lackawanna Railway was known. Our tour will be from East to West. In general, division points were also crew change points for through line freight and passenger trains.1.NEW YORK DIVISION. Encompassed all ex Erie and ex Lackawanna trackage in the territory bounded by Port Jervis,NY,Blairstown,NJ, and Hoboken Terminal.2.SUSQUEHANNA DIVISION reached from Port Jervis,NY through Hornell (division hq) to UR (Union Road) interlocking at about MP421, just east of Bison Yard. 3.BUFFALO TERMINAL DIVISION.Covered the territory between UR interlocking, Niagara Falls,Black Rock, and Lockport,NY.4.MAHONING DIVISION.  Covered from Hornell,NY to Brady Lake, Ohio, with branches to Cleveland, Lisbon, New Castle, and Oil City.It also included the BSW line down from Buffalo and the Dunkirk branch between Dunkirk and Salamanca,NY plus the Bradford Branch down into Pennsylvania.
5.MARION DIVISION, Covered the territory between Brady Lake,Marion, and Dayton,Ohio and Marion and Chicago. Backtracking a bit;6.SCRANTON DIVISION. Covered the territory betwen Blairstown,NJ,Binghamton, Utica, and Oswego,NY. Major terminals on the Erie Lackawanna were located at Marion,Buffalo, and Croxton, NJ.

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