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The Lackawanna Express

Boston and Maine Railroad
Bridge Line to New England and Canada
Chessie's Road
The Route of Phoebe Snow
The Broad Way Route
BR&P Buffalo Division
B&O Fourth Subdivision
Scenic Route of The East
The Big Little Railroad
Route of The Minuteman
Connecting Lines' Services
Route of The Black Diamond
The Friendly Service Route
Route of TrailVan Service
Linking 13 Great States With The Nation

Here will be found a wealth of information about the Boston and Maine Railroad, its freight and   passenger operations and the people who  made it all  work.Sample freight  and passenger schedules will be presented in a separate   section all  their own. Come with us as we tour the Route of the Minuteman.

Major freight terminals: Rigby Yard(Portland,Maine);32 Classification tracks with a capacity of 1817 cars;Lawrence(MA)Yard,19 class tracks, capacity of 619 cars;Nashua,NH Yard;13 tracks,260 car capacity, Hill Yard,Ayer,MA;7 class tracks,486 car capacity,Fitchburg Yard,9 class tracks,Gardner Yard, 4 tracks with 103 car capacity,East Deerfield Yard;18 class tracks with 1105 car capacity.Major interchange with Delaware and Hudson Railway was at Mechanicville Yard,NY for many years. Interchange with D&H is now done at Mohawk Yard, just outside Schenectady,NY and interchange with CSX is done at Rotterdam Jct.,NY as in the past with CR,PC and NYC at that location.
BOSTON AND MAINE FAMILY TREE 1851(only principal companies)
1.Connecticut River Railroad, 73 miles
2.Vermont & Massachusetts,73  miles
3.Nashua and  Lowell RR.,27 miles
4.Lowell  and Lawrence RR,13 miles
5.Fitchburg & Worcester RR,26 miles
6.Concord Railroad,35 miles
7.Manchester  & Lawrence,26 miles
8.Northern RR of NH,72 miles
9.Fitchburg Railroad,50 miles
10.Harvard Branch RR,3 miles
11.Boston& Lowell RR,  25 miles
12.Portsmouth & Concord RR,23 miles
13.Boston and Maine RR, 114 miles (core of the system)
14.Medford Branch RR,5.5 miles
15.Eastern  Raillroad,68 miles
16..Newburyport Railroad,10 miles
17.Marblehead Railroad,4miles
18.Salem and Lowell rr,24 miles
19.Essex Railroad,21 miles
20.South Reading Branch,19 miles
21.Portland,Saco  & Portsmouth RR, 51 miles
1868 Boston and Maine Family Tree (from reprint of 1868 Traveller's  Official Railway Guide):
1.Portland,Saco, and Portsmouth,108 miles
2.Concord and Portsmouth RR,53 miles
3.Concord Railway of  NH,73 miles
4.Manchester   and Lawrence RR,52 miles
5.Manchester   and North Weare,19 miles
6.Vermont  & Massachusetts Railway,88 miles
7.Boston and Maine, 111 miles (system's core)
8.Newburyport Railway,27 miles
9.Eastern Railway,107 miles
10.Lawrence Branch Railway, 135 miles
11.Boston,Lowell,Nashua & Lowell, and Wilton,  100 miless
12.Fitchburg Railway,157 miles
13.Connecticut River Railway,50 miles

This section is where such information, as sample freight schedules and passenger timetables, roster information, and other information will be found.
1952 Boston and Maine Diesel Roster
GE      44 Ton        380 hp           Road Nos. 110-119              10 units
EMD   SW              600 hp          Nos. 1103-1108                      6 units
EMD   SW1            600 hp          Nos. 1109-1118                    10 units
Alco   S-1              600 hp          No. 1161                               1 unit
Alco   S-4              660 hp          Nos. 1162-1188                    27 units
EMD  NW2           1000 hp          Nos. 1200-1213                    14 units
EMD  SW9           1200 hp          Nos.1220-1226                       7 units
Alco  S-2             1000 hp          Nos. 1260-1271                    12 units
Alco RS1             1000 hp          Nos.1272-1273                       2 units
Alco RS2             1500 hp          Nos. 1500-1504                      5 units
Alco RS3             1600 hp          Nos. 1530-1545                    16 units
EMD BL2              1500 hp         Nos.1550-1553                       4 units
EMD GP7             1500 hp         Nos.1555-1571                     17 units
EMD E7A              2000 hp        Nos. 3800-3820                     21 units
EMD E8A              2250 hp        No. 3821                                 1 unit
EMD FT (2 units)  2700 hp         Nos. 4200-4223                   12 locos.
EMD F2 (2 units)  2700 hp         Nos.4224-4226                      3 locos.
EMD F3               1500 hp         Nos.4227-4228                      2 units
EMD F2               1350 hp         Nos. 4250-4264                    15 units
EMD F7               1500 hp         Nos.4265=4268                      4 units
The FTs and the first F2s came in t wo unit sets each of which was considered one 2700 hp locomotive, since these units were connected together by semipermanent drawbar. B&M later changed these to standard couplers to facilitate unit flexibility in making up locomotive consists for through freight trains.