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The Pacific Express
Burlington Northern Railroad
Main Line of Mid America
The Railway That Serves North America
Canada's First Transcontinental Railway
Route of the Southern Belle
Route of The Texas Special
The Sunset Route
Route of the Super Chief
Route of The Eagles
Serves All The West
The Milwaukee Road
Route of the 400s
Way of The Zephyrs

This page covers the Burlington Northern Railroad from its 1970 merger of  the Chicago,Burlington and Quincy,Great Northern,Northern Pacific,Spokane Portland and Seattle  and Pacific Coast Railroad into one system that covered two thirds of the western United States. The Frisco Railroad, which was  merged into BN in1980 is also included.

To become acquainted with the make up of the Burlington Northern Railroad, one would do well to start with profiles of the predecessor companies. Profiles here are from 1956,    the only ones available to me at the time of writing:
1.Chicago,Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Locomotives:415 road,150 switchers
Freight cars:42,796
Passenger cars:1076
Misc. (Company service:5016
Noted Passenger trains; California Zephyr, Denver Zephyr,Twin  Zephyrs,Sam Houston Zephyr, and the following Northern Lines trains: GN;Empire Builder, Western Star, N:: North Coast Limited, Main Streeter.
2.Great Northern Railway
Locomotives:273 road,114 switchers
Freight Cars;38,204
Passenger Cars:22 Budd RDC,4 gas-electric, 715 locomotive-hauled.
Misc.(Company Service):3836
3.Northern Pacific Railway
Freight Cars:36,563
Passenger cars:517
Miscellaneous (Company Service):4010
4.Spokane,Portland and Seattle Railway
Freight Cars:3448
Passenger cars: 54
Miscellaneous (Company Service):430
5.St.Louis-San Francisco Railway
Freight cars: 25,739
Passenger cars:351
Miscellaneous (Company Service):1855
Of these five railroads, the Frisco was the one that completely exited the passenger business, doing so in late 1967 making it freight only. 

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