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The Pacific Express
Canadian National Railway
Main Line of Mid America
The Railway That Serves North America
Canada's First Transcontinental Railway
Route of the Southern Belle
Route of The Texas Special
The Sunset Route
Route of the Super Chief
Route of The Eagles
Serves All The West
The Milwaukee Road
Route of the 400s
Way of The Zephyrs

Here we will discuss the Canadian National Railway Company in two  parts, the Canadian operations, which constitute approximately two thirds of the railroad's more than 18,000 route miles and  the Grand Trunk Corporation,, which has charge of CN's US operations,   Grand Trunk Western, Wisconsin Central,Illinois Central,Chicago,Central and Pacific and a  few smaller, affiliated railroads.

Profiles and Overviews of CN and GTC. All figures  given  here are before  the Bessemer and  Lake Erie and other Great Lakes Transportation railroads were brought into the system in2004.
Mileage: 18,146
Mileage owned and used: 17,544
Locomotives in service;1898
Freight Cars in service: 92,334 (includes Grand Trunk Corp. cars)
Average number of employees: 22,012.
B.Grand Trunk Corporation:
Mileage owned:6016
Locomotives: 649
Average number of employees:6214
C.Duluth,Missabe and Iron Range Railway
Mileage: 212
Freight Cars:  3279
Employees: 500
D.Bessemer  and Lake Erie Railroad
Freight Cars: 2409
A total of 63 locomotives between these two railroads  came  with the Great Lakes Transportation assets. With all this, Canadian National serves 10,000 customer locations  in 700 service zones throughout its system.. Each day, approximately 320 road  trains are operated.Since intermodal is the  fastest   growing segment of the freight business,    the following are the  intermodal  terminals now in place:
Auburn,Maine, Montreal, Quebec
Brampton, Ontario,New Orleans, Louisiana
Calgary,Alberta,Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Chicago,IL,Vancouver, BC
Detroit,MI, East Peoria,IL
Edmonton,Alberta,Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jackson,MS, Memphis,TN
Monncton,NB,Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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