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The Pacific Express
Missouri Pacific Railroad
Main Line of Mid America
The Railway That Serves North America
Canada's First Transcontinental Railway
Route of the Southern Belle
Route of The Texas Special
The Sunset Route
Route of the Super Chief
Route of The Eagles
Serves All The West
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Route of the 400s
Way of The Zephyrs

Here  we pay tribute to the late,great Missouri Pacific Railroad, route of the Eagles. This page  covers  the railroad in its final years of independent operation before being gobbled up by neighboring Union Pacific.

Missouri Pacific was divided into three operating districts comprising 12 operating  divisions and 2 terminal divisions as follows:
1.Southern District, total  4436.1 miles
2.Western District,total,   3411.2 miles
3.Eastern District, total,   2910.3 miles
Total Missouri Pacific Railroad: 10,757.6 miles
Major Terminals: Kanas City, Little Rock,New Orleans, Dallas, Fort Worth,St. Louis, San Antonio. 
1975 Diesel Roster
EMD   GP16       Nos..71-77
EMD   GP7         Nos.81-91
EMD  GP7          Nos.110-298
EMD  GP12        Nos. 1078-1098
EMD  SW12       Nos. 1100-1199
EMD  SW7        Nos. 1204-1215
EMD  SW9         Nos.1216-1251
EMD  SW12        Nos.11253-1299
EMD  SW15       Nos.. 1500-1521
EMD  MP15        Nos. 1530-1554
EMD  GP7          Nos. 1600-1786
EMD  GP9         Nos.1787-1849
EMD  GP18       Nos..1850-1994   some units on Alco trucks
EMD  GP28       Nos. 2000-2001
EMD  GP38       Nos. 2002-2008
EMD  GP38-2    Nos. 2009-2132
GE    U23B        Nos.2250-2273
EMD GP35        Nos.2500-2564     many units deturboed. rated same  as GP38s.
EMD  SD40       Nos.3000-3089
EMD  SD40-2    Nos.3090-3215
GE    U30C       Nos. 3300-3334
EMD  SW8       Nos. 8000-8007
Source: Missouri Pacific Train Handling and Air Brake Rules and Instructions book of 1975.

Sample Missouri Pacific Freight Schedules
(From June 1973 Official Railway Guide)
Table 1.Kansas City-Houston
KH        Stations          HK
0400 L Kansas City  0600
1130    Coffeyville     2230
1530    Muskogee     1830
0330 A Ft. Worth L   0600
0630 L Ft. Worth  A  0230
1830 A Houston   L 1500
Table 2. Kansas City-San Antonio
KSA          Stations      SAK/LK
2000 L Kansas City A  0100
0600    Coffeyville         1700
0130 a Fort Worth    L  2030
0700 l  Fort Worth    A  1201
2100 a San Antonio L  2200
Table 3. Memphis-Kansas City-Pueblo
MKP         Stations           PKM
2130  L  Memphis    A    1830
1730      Kansas City      2030
1830  A Pueblo         L    2000
Table 4. New Orleans-Fort Worth
NF           Stations              FN
0530 L New Orleans  A  2330
2330    Shreveport          0645
0430    Dallas                   0230
0730 A Fort Worth      L  2330
Table 5. Shreveport-Fort Worth
123        Stations               122
0500 L Shreveport    A    1500
1330     Dallas                    0530
1530 A Fort Worth     L    2330
Additional MoPac through and local freight schedules will be presented here as they become  available.