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The Pacific Express
Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company
Main Line of Mid America
The Railway That Serves North America
Canada's First Transcontinental Railway
Route of the Southern Belle
Route of The Texas Special
The Sunset Route
Route of the Super Chief
Route of The Eagles
Serves All The West
The Milwaukee Road
Route of the 400s
Way of The Zephyrs

Here is a look at the Santa Fe Railway in its final years of independent operation before merger with the Burlington Northhern Railroad in 1995. Freight service innovations, the famous tribe  of passenger   trains all are here on this page.

To get  an idea of how the Atchison,Topeka  and Santa Fe  Railway Company grew into the great transcontinental railroad that it was, it is felt that the following partial family tree   of a few of the hundreds of companies that went into building the railroad would not be a bad place to  start. These are as follows:
1.Eldorado and Santa Fe Railway
2.Kansas Midland Railway
3.Manhattan,Alma and Burlingame Railway
4.Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad (core company)
5.Kansas City,Leavenworth,Emporia and Southern Railway
6.Chicago,Kansas and Western Railway
7.Rio Grande and El Paso Railway
8.Leavenworth,Topeka and Southwestern Railway
9.Santa Fe,Prescott and Phoenix Railway
10.Wichita  and Western Railway
11.Silver City and Northern
12.Southernn Kansas Railway of Texas
13.Eastern Railway of New Mexico
14.Pecos Valley Railway
15.Oklahoma Central Railway
16.St.Louis,Rocky Mountain and Pacific Railway
17.Clinton & Oklahoma Western
18.Buffalo Northwestern Railway
19.Crosbyton-South Plains Railroad
These were just a few of the   companies that were merged into the Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company,which for  many years was organized into the  following major companies:
1.Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company
2.Gulf Coast,Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company
3.Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway Company
The focus of this work is primarily on the Santa Fe Railway's final years of independent operation rather than delve deeply into the railroad's history.
PASSENGER TRAINS CONVEYED  TO AMTRAK. These included  the following pairs of  trains: 15-16 The Texas Chief, 17-18 Super Chief-El Capitan and three   pairs of Los Angeles-San Diego San Diegans. In the mid 1970s, was added the Oakland-Bakersfield San  Joaquin train, which has since developed into a family of trains carrying this  name and operating mostly via Santa Fe trackage. Note: The Heartland Flyer, operating between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City, operates over the southern portion of the Texas Chief route.

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