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The Pacific Express
Southern Pacific Lines/Cotton Belt Route
Main Line of Mid America
The Railway That Serves North America
Canada's First Transcontinental Railway
Route of the Southern Belle
Route of The Texas Special
The Sunset Route
Route of the Super Chief
Route of The Eagles
Serves All The West
The Milwaukee Road
Route of the 400s
Way of The Zephyrs

The Southern Pacific and Cotton Belt Route are covered here as though the railroads were operating essentially as one which they essentially were. Here, catch the Blue Streak Merchandise as this famous freight train begins its transcontinental race into the Sunset to deliver the goods as only the Cotton Belt and Southern Pacific could. Seemingly, on  the verge of becoming another Penn Central, the absorbtion of Southern Pacific into the Union Pacific Railroad may have been   the difference between bankruptcy and collapse and the thriving it seems to do under UP operation. 

Though  the Southern Pacific  and St.Louis Southwestern were operated as separate railroads,they operated essentially as a single railroad for many  freight services,including  the famous Blue Streak Merchandise freight train, whose schedule,along with a few other sample freight  schedules from CottonBelt appear in the supporting text section below.  Here are the profiles of the two railroads:
1.St,Louis-Southwestern Railway
Mileage: 2375
Freight cars: 17,407
Most locomotives and freight cars were built to Southern Pacific specifications.
2.Southern Pacific Railroad
Freight Cars:32,363
Company Service cars:1154. 

Roster and schedule information and other data will go here.Here are a couple sample Cotton Belt Freight Schedules.
Table 1.BSM
Stations                                Day
Lv Pine Bluff    0545             0
Lv Corsicana   1225             0
Ar San Antonio1740             0
Lv San Antonio1750            0
Ar El Paso          0430            1
Lv El Paso         0400 (MT)    1
Ar Tuscon         1135             1
Ar Phoenix        2330             1
Ar Los Angeles 2230             2
ArSan Francisco 0100          3
Ar Oakland         0300             3
Ar Portland         1130             3
Table 2. ABSM
Lv Pine Bluff        1400      Day0
Lv Corsicana       2245      Day 0
Lv San Antonio   0700      Day 1
Ar Elpaso (CT)     2200     Day1
Lv El Paso (MT(   2200     Day 1
Ar Tuscon            0845     Day 2
Ar Phoenix          2330     Day 2
Ar Los Angeles  2000    Day 3
Both of these trains often  were operated in two or more sections.