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Here we present the Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad, aka the Katy Railroad in its final years of independent operation as it was  before the Union Pacific Railroad swallowed it up. Presented will be an approximation of the final diesel roster, sample freight schedules  and  a condensed version of the final passenger  schedule  to be operated up to mid 1965.

To acquaint one not familiar with the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, or Katy is it was better known, it is felt that a brief profile   would not be  a bad place to   start. Here is the 1987 profile of the railroad before it disappeared into a growing Union Pacific system:
Mileage: 3130
Freight cars:3566
Company   service cars: 76
Major terminals: St.Louis, Kansas City, Parsons, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.  Parsons,Kansas was, for many years, the operational heart of the railroad, since two mainlines converged there,one from Kansas City and the other from St. Louis.Though its own passenger service was discontinued in 1965, the Katy came to handle Amtrak's Texas Eagle between Opal  and Temple,Texas on its main line a routing still in use today, though neither train makes  any stops on Katy (UP)trackage along that stretch. To be presented here will be details of Katy's operations, sample  freight and passenger  schedules, diesel rosters, and other interesting information
The following companies went into assembling the Missouri,Kansas, Texas Railroad:
1..Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway
2.Labette and Sedalia Railway
3.Neosho Valley  & Holden Valley Railway
4.Tebo &Neosho RR
5.Hannibal and Central Missouri Railway
6.St. Louis & Santa Fe Railway
7.Houston and Texas Central Railway
8.Beaver,Meade, & Englewood Railway
Miss Katy can trace her origins back to 1865 as the Union Pacific South Branch Railway (no relation to Union Pacific Railroad).
MAJOR TERMINALS: Kansas City, St. Louis, Parsons, Denison,Muskogee,Dallas, Smithville, San Antonio, Houston.
NOTED PASSENGER TRAINS; The Texas Special, Katy Flyer, The Blue Bonnet.
NAMED FREIGHT TRAINS: Katy Klipper, Katy Komet, Katy Packer.
PASSENGER OPERATIONS. In  their  final years, these consisted of two pairs of trains between Kansas City and Dallas, cut back from San Antonio in 1964. The timetable dated August 23,1964 shows how these passenger operations concluded at the end of June 1965 shortly  after John Barriger arrived on the scene to put the KATY back  together again and make it a suitable merger partner for  another railroad. The Feature trains, The Texas Special began  with two pairs of EMD E7 diesels specially painted for these trains, which at their beginning, were a joint Frisco/Katy operation. Later came a pair of Alco PAs and five EMD E8A diesels plus FP7As and boiler equipped GP7s to round out KATY's passenger  service capable  diesel fleet. Nos. 1 and 2, The Texas Special usually got the E8 diesels while the secondary trains  either got FP7s, GP7s or a combination of the two. The E8s were  generally used in pairs. However, on the final runs of trains 1 and 2,, a single E8 did t he job on each train..All the E8s eventually wound up on Amtrak.

Final MKT Diesel Roster
BLW/EMD SW12      1200 hp             31,34                  2 units
EMD SW1500            1500 hp           50-55                   6 units
EMD MP15AC            1500 hp           56-59                   4 units
EMD   GP7                   1500 hp          91-123               33 units
Alco RS3                     1600 hp   142,143,146,152-4     6 units
EMD  GP40                 3000 hp        170-248                79 units
EMD  GP38                 2000 hp         300-303                  4 units
EMD  GP38-2             2000 hp          304-321               17 units
GE      U23B                2300 hp          350-352                 3 units
EMD   GP39-2            2300 hp           360-388               29 units
EMD   F38M                2000 hp           401B                       1 unit
------     Slug                   -------               500-501                  2 units
EMD  SD40-2             3000 hp           600-636,637        37 units**
**Wreck damaged 628    rebuilt to 637. Some GP39-2s came in GP49 carbodies originally intended for the Alaska Railroad.
Some GP40s were of Conrail origin. The F38M was rebuilt from an EMD FP7A, which was converted to a B unit with cab  windows blanked over and GP38 machinery installed inside of the carbody.
Sample Freight Train Schedules
Table 1. Trains 101 and 102 Parsons-Dallas TOFC Service
1510  Lv     Parsons    AR    0330
1543            Chetopa             0222
1559            Welch                  0206
1734            Wagoner            0031
1805  Ar      Muskogee  Lv  0005
1825  Lv     Muskogee   Ar  1245
1939           McAlester           2232
2039           Stringtown        2139
2220  Ar    Ray               Lv  2000
2300  Lv   Ray                Ar  1830
2323          McCune              1706
2352          Penland              1637
0039          Trenton               1550
0127          Greenville           1502
0238          Garland               1351
0500  Ar    Dallas            Lv 1300
Taken from MKT 1988  employee timetable (last  one).
Table 2.  Trains 103 and 104, KC-Houston Manifest
1515  Lv Glen Park (KC) Ar 0315
1630         Paola                      0119
11635      Ringer                     0114
1720        Kincaid                   0029
1735        Moran                     0014
1900 Ar   Parsons          Lv  2305
2030 Lv  Parsons           Ar  2230
2103       Chetura                  2103
2254       Wagoner                1911
2325       Muskogee        Lv 1845
2340 Lv Muskogee        Ar  1825
0153      Stringtown              1522
0330       Ray                           1400
1300       Bellmead                 0200
1417       Granger                   2255
1550       Smithville                2110
1930  AR Eureka            Lv  1730
Both schedules taken from MKT System Timetable No.7, May 15,1988, which was the final employee  timetable issued by  the Katy Railroad.       
Table 3. Final KATY Passenger Timetable(condensed)8-23-64.
0935   2200  Lv  Kansas City Ar  0830            2130
1140   0043  Ar  Parsons         Lv 0535            1755
1201   0055  Lv Parsons          Ar 0520            1725
1310   0157        Vinita                    0417             1609
1420   0310  Ar  Muskogee      Lv0310             1450
1435 0325  Lv Muskogee        Ar 0255             1430
1600 0440        McAlester              0148              1310
1745  0609        Durant                   0018              1133
1830  0645  Ar Denison            Lv 2350             1100
1845  0700  Lv Denison           Ar  2335             1040
1943  0804        Greenville              2229              0909
2031  0853        Garland                  2138              0807
2052  0914        Highland Park      2112              0741
2120  0940  Ar  Dallas               Lv 2100              0730
This service ended June 26,1965 and it took  the railroad some  time afterward to dispose of the equipment used on these trains. The passenger car pool totaled 76 cars by the  end of service.