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The Pacific Express
Main Line of Mid America
The Railway That Serves North America
Canada's First Transcontinental Railway
Route of the Southern Belle
Route of The Texas Special
The Sunset Route
Route of the Super Chief
Route of The Eagles
Serves All The West
The Milwaukee Road
Route of the 400s
Way of The Zephyrs

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I am an avid transportation historian and most of this family of sites is a series of eBooks that will also eventually be published in print form.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Glenn Miller,Benny Goodman,Debby Boone, Lawrence Welk,Count Basie,Duke Ellington
Favorite TV show: Law and Order,Cold Case,CSI
Favorite book: Official Railway Guide and any railroad related book

My Hobbies

collecting railroad,bus,and transit timetables and related materials. Historical research,some photography.

Most Admired

The Kennedy Brothers, Chuck Yeager,John Glenn,Buzz Aldrin,Neil Armstrong, Frank Borman

Favorite Links

The Lackawanna Express

WNY Transfer Points

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