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The Thoroughbred
The Southern Railway System
The Southern Serves The South
N&W and Southern merged together
Precision Transportation

Here is a somewhat detailed look at the Southern Railway System, long known as the Road of Innovators and the premier railroad of the South.

Mileage of railroad operated by Subsidiary as of 12-31-78
1.Southern Railway Company,                      5842 miles
2.Central of Georgia Railroad Company         1978 miles
3.Norfolk Southern Railway Company             864 miles
4.Alabama Great Southern Railroad Company 527 miles
5.Georgia Southern&Florida Railway              454 miles
6.Cincinnati,New Orleans &Texas Pacific RY  371 miles
7.All others, less jointly operated trakcage     (374)
Total mileage Southern Railway System:   10,248 miles
In addition to this summary, there will also be a division by division breakdown of the railroad's total mileage.
Make           Model           HP              Road Numbers          Qty.       Active
EMD       SW1500       1500                  67-83                     16            ?
EMD           GP18       1800                171-196                   24            0
EMD           SD7         1500                  201                         1           0
EMD          SD9          1750                 202-207                    2          2
EMD         GP35         2500                 210-214                   5           0
EMD         SD35         2500                 215-224                   9           0
SOU          Slug           0                    914-941                 25          25
EMD         SW1          600                1002-1012                 5            0
EMD         SW8         800                    1015                     1             0
EMD        TR2         1000 each          1088-1092                5             0
EMD       SW7         1200                  1098-1132              33          33
EMD       SW9         1200                  1133-1143,1733      10          10
EMD      SW1500     1500                 2300-2347              48          48
EMD        MP15DC   1500                 2348-2435             88          88
EMD       GP30        2250                 2525-2643            112            0
EMD      GP35         2500                 2645-2715              66       Some to WLE
EMD      GP38         2000                 2717-2822            106         106
EMD      GP38AC    2000                 2823-2878               56          56
EMD       SD35        2500                 3000-3099               96           0
EMD       SD45        3600                 3100-3169               68           0
EMD       SD40        3000                 3170-3200               28          28
EMD       SD40-2     3000                 3201-3328             127        117
GE         B30-7A     3000                 3500-3521                21         21
GE         U30C        3000                 3800-3804                5           0
GE         U33C        3300                 3805-3814              10           0
GE         B36-7       3600                 3815-3820                5           5
GE         U23B       2250                 3900-3969              68            0
GE         B23-7      2250                 3970-4023              54           54
EMD       GP49      2600                4600-4605                 6            6
EMD       GP38-2   2000                5000-5256              257         257
EMD       FP7        1500                6138-6147                4             0
EMD       GP9        1750               6246-6268                20            0
GMD       GP40X    3500               7000-7002                  3            0
EMD        GP50      3500              7003-7092                 90         90+++
+++ These units are in the process of being rebuilt into GP38-2 units, derated to 2000 hp each.      
OPERATIONAL SET UP.The Southern Railway System was divided into two operating Regions; Eastern Lines and Western Lines composed of the following operating divisions and their mileages:
Eastern Division,1028.9 miles
Piedmont Division,1159.1 miles
Coastal Division, 2697.1 miles
Georgia Division, 718.5 miles
Winston Salem Division,373.1 Miles
Total Eastern Lines, 5976.7 miles
Appalachia Division 706.3 miles
Crescent Division, 612.4 miles
Alabama Division,1227.5 miles
Tennessee Division,864.3 miles
Kentucky Division,470.2 miles
Western Divsiion, 390.6 miles
Total Western Lines,4271.3 miles
Total Eastern Lines, 5976.7miles
Total Southern Railway System (1978):10,248.0 miles.
THE TOP MEN WHO MADE IT ALL WORK. In its entire history, the Southern Railway System had only 9 Presidents, unlike some railroads its size which had 20 or more. Six of these men served as President for 10 or more years during their tenure at the railroad's throttle. Here are the men who made the Southern Railway the Road of Innovators:
1.Samual Spencer,1894-1906
2.William W. Finley,1906-1913
3.Fairfax Harrison,1914-1937
4.Earnest E. Norris,1937--1951
5.Harry A. deButts,1951-1962
6.D.William Brosnan,1962-1967
7.W.Graham Claytor,1967-1977 (also served as Amtrak head)
8.L.Stanley Crane, 1977-1980,  turned Conrail into the money making machine.
9.Harold H. Hall,1980--1982. Last President of independent Southern.
Of these men, Fairfax Harrison served the longest with a 23 year tenure. Earnest
Norris who succeeded Mr. Harrison bought the first road diesel locomotives for
the railroad's passenger service. Harry DeButts completed dieselization of all
the railroad's operations.Bill Brosnan was instrumental in developing some of the track maintenance machinery now in use on railroads today. He was also instrumental in the development of Locotrol, a system facilitating the remote operation of midtrain diesel locomotives controlled by the lead unit of the head end consist. This made many of the unit train operations Southern Developed more feasible, enabling the operation of longer and heavier trains with fewer crew members.

In this section, such materials as timetables, freight schedules, and some mileage tables will be found. First up is the timetable of  January 4,1891 issued by the Richmond and Danville Railroad (a Southern Railway predecessor) for The Washington and Southwestern Vestibuled Limited.
Table 1A. Southbound. Washington to Atlanta
Lv Washington,DC  1101am
Lv Alexandria,VA     1133am
LvCharlottesville      305 pm
Lv Lynchburg           511 pm
Lv Danville,VA          730 pm
Lv Greensboro,NC  854 pm
Lv Salisbury,NC      1020 pm
Lv Charlotte,NC      1140pm
Lv Spartanburg,SC 151 am   next day
Lv Greenville,SC      248am
Lv Lula                       531am
Lv Gainesville,GA   551 am
Ar Atlanta                 720 am     Train turned for northbound trip.
Table 1B.Northbound Atlanta to Washington,DC
Lv Atlanta,GA                       1110 am
Lv Gainesville                      1242 pm
Lv Lula                                    104pm
Lv Greenville, SC                 345 pm
Lv Spartanburg,SC             438pm
Lv Charlotte,NC                   705 pm
Lv Greensboro,NC             945 pm
Lv Danville,VA                    1115pm
Lv Lynchburg,VA               135 am
Lv Charlottesville,VA         325 am
Lv Alexandria,VA               640 am
Ar Washington,DC            700am
Daily service generally required two sets of equipment each way to cover these schedules. Equipment used on these trains typified the high standards of service the Southern endeavored to maintain right up to 1979 when they turned the Southern Crescent over to Amtrak.
Table 1.Train 120 Raleigh-Louisville-Centraiia
Lv Raleigh,NC                0900    ET
Ar Chowcowinity          1700
LvChowcowinity           2100
Ar Norfolk                       0700     ET
Lv Louisville                  0930     CT
Ar Centralia,IL (SR)     2130      CT
Lv Centralia,IL (BN)    2130      CT
Connections: Raleigh, Train 150 Ar 0620
Louisville: Train 160 from Macon, ar 0830 CT
Blocking out of Raleigh:
Blocking out of Chocowinity:
Blocking out of Louisville
Huntingtonburg-Fill out train if needed.
Table 2. Train 121 Princeton to Chattanooga
Lv Princeton                0800       CT
Ar Huntingsburg        0815       CT
Lv Huntingsburg       0830       CT P/U Chatt. Traffic if necessary
Ar Louisville               1500        CT
LvLouisville                1700       CT P/U Chatt. Traffic if necessary
Ar Danville                   2200       CT
Lv Danville                  0015       ET fill on Chatt. as needed.
Ps Oakdale                 0515       ET
Ar Chattanooga        0845       ET
Blockings of this train:
Out of Princeton:
2.Chattanooga (including Atlanta and Macon)
Out of Louisville
Out of Danville same as out of Louisville.
Table 3. Train 122 Atlanta to Princeton
Lv Atlanta                       1500           ET
Ar Chattanooga            2100           ET
LvChattanooga            2200            ET
Ar Danville                     0830           ET
Lv Danville                    0830            CT
Ar Louisville                  1400           CT
Lv Louisville                  1700          CT
Ar Princeton                  2300           CT
Train 122 Connections:
Atlanta Louisville cars off 160 Ar 0730 ET
159 from Greenville ar 0530.
At Chattanooga:
162 from Sheffield Ar 1300 CT
180 from Birmingham, Ar 1300 CT
Blockings for this train:
2.Chattanooga Fill
4.Big John Empties
Chattanooga: set off Chattanooga block, Pick up Danville, Louisville and Big John blocks.
Chattanooga blocking:
2.Danville (fill)
4.Big John Empties
Danville Blocking:
3.Big John Empties
Louisville: Set off Louisville Block. Pick up Huntingburg,Princeton and Big John blocks.
4.Big John Empties
Huntingburg-Set off
2.Big John Empties