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The Thoroughbred
Norfolk Southern Railway Company
The Southern Serves The South
N&W and Southern merged together
Precision Transportation

The Norfolk Southern Railway of today is the product of the 1982 merger of the Norfolk and Western Railway with the Southern Railway System. The following equipment summary is taken from the 2004 Annual Report.
Locomotives                 Owned              Leased                     Total
Multiple Purpose       3323                      151                         3474
Switching                      207                      -----                            207
Auxiliary Units              74                       -----                              74
Total                            3604                       151                          3756
FREIGHT CARS          Owned              Leased                      Total
Hoppers                    19,911                    822                        20,733
Box                            18,712                  2175                        20,887
Covered Hoppers    9,399                  2678                         12,077
Gondolas                 30,300                 8010                         38,310
Flatcars                      2,928                 1342                           4,270
Caboose                       251                  ------                               251
Other                            3,701                ------                            3,701
Total Freight Cars  85,202             15,027                    100,229
WORK EQUIPMENT   Owned           Leased                    Total
  On Track                  5612                           3                    5615
 Vehicles                    4761                      ------                    4761
Total Work Equip.  10,373                    ------                   10,373
Highway Trailers
and Containers         877                     9987                    10,864
RoadRailers          6498                                                       6498

The Norfolk Southern is divided into several operating regions consisting of the following:NORTHERN REGION-Dearborn,Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh Division (ex Conrail territory).WESTERN REGION; Lake,Pittsburgh,Central,Alabama, and Illinois Divisions: EASTERN REGION; PocahontasPiedmont,Virginia, and Georgia Divisions, of which the Georgia Division is made up mostly of the Central of Georgia Railway.MAJOR TERMINALS: Atlanta (Inman Yard),Chattanooga (deButts Yard), Harrisburg (Enola and Rutherford),Newark (Oak Island),
Cincinnati, Birmingham,Montgomery,New Orleans,Bellevue,Chicago (Landers and Calumet yards),Cleveland(Rockport), Pittsburgh(Conway),Detroit,Decatur,Kansas City. Of the intermodal terminals operated by Norfolk Southern, the Maple Heights,Ohio terminal is the newest intermodal facility on the northern part of the system and is built on the site of a former Pennsylvania Railroad flat switching yard that once occupied that location. It replaces a downtown Cleveland facility that NS felt was too small for the anticipated growth in intermodal traffic.  Passenger  Routes(Amtrak): These include the following:; The Crescent between Washington,Atlanta and New Orleans, Piedmont between Washington and Charlotte,NC,Lakeshore  Limited,Cleveland-Chicago,Capitol Limited,Pittsburgh to Chicago, Wolverine,Twilight; Chicago-Detroit. In addition, Norfolk Southern dispatches  the Virginia Railway Express Washington-Manassas   commuter line, and Metra's Chicago-Orland Park  commuter service.

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