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The WNY Bus Station
Coach USA Western New York
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Route of Red Carpet Service
The Buffalo-Lockport Line
The Buffalo-Niagara Falls Line
Go Big Red,Go New York Trailways
Capitol Bus Company
Adirondack Transit Lines
Empire Transit Lines/Blue Bird Coach

This page primarily covers the line run operations previously operated by D&F Transit   and Blue Bird Coach Lines, which are now essentially  one company in operation:Coach USA of Western New York. The ex Blue Bird  routes are Buffalo-East Aurora-Olean and Olean-Salamanca-Jamestown, while the ex D&F route is Buffalo-Dunkirk-Jamestown.

The Empire Transit  Lines/Blue Bird Coach Lines operation better known   as Coach USA of  Western New York  got its start in the 1990s, when Coach USA bought Blue Bird Coach Lines from  the Magnano Family together with  Niagara Scenic Bus Lines from the Fisher family. In  its post 1991 restructuring, Blue Bird continued to operate its Buffalo-East Aurora-Olean line run with two round  trips a  day on   weekdays and Saturdays  and one on Sundays. One or two MC9s assigned to line run operations was  used on this route, which  was altered north of East Aurora  to provide service to the Buffalo Airport and Walden Galleria Mall enroute to   downtown Buffalo. Soon after, Empire Transit Lines was formed to operate the former D&F Transit Buffalo-Angola-Dunkirk-Jamestown route together  with the ex Blue Bird Olean-Jamestown route, also using MC9s or similar coaches as well. Of the Olean-Jamestown route,  the  stretch between Olean and Salamanca is also served by Fullington Trailways enroute  from Buffalo  to DuBois and  vice versa. With the route structure that Coach USA Western New York has in  place via Empire Transit Lines, a passenger wishing to go   to Buffalo, but situated between Olean and Jamestown has a choice of how to  get there. He or  she   may go via Olean or  via Jamestown, particularly if situated halfway between Olean and Jamestown. To service the line buses former Blue Bird facilities in Olean and North Tonawanda are used for the Olean-Buffalo line buses and ex D&F Transit facilities in Jamestown  for the buses  assigned to the Jamestown-Dunkirk-Buffalo route.  In  addition to maintaining regular route service along these routes,  this territory also provides the companies charter   and tour origination rights as   well..  Buffalo-Dunkirk-Jamestown sees five round trips a day,seven days a week. 

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