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Here we present New York Trailways, the subsidiary of Adirondack Trailways established in 1994 to acquire and  take over the routes of the failing Empire Trailways (formerly Western  New York Motor Lines), which went out of business at the end of 1994 as a result of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings stemming from mismanagement of that company in its final years after 70 years of  service to Western New York.

New York Trailways was established in early 1994   to acquire and operate the routes of Empire Trailways (based in Rochester,NY),which was in failing financial health by   then. Adirondack Trailways' management team was instrumental in getting the new company ready to assume operation of the following Empire Trailways routes:
3.Syracuse-Cortland-Elmira (acquired from Greyhound)
New York Trailways began operating these routes on June 1,1994 at the same time the first system timetable to be issued by the new company came out. New York Trailways began operation with five buses purchased from Empire Trailways, all of them stick shift models, mostly MC9s, supplemented by buses supplied by Adirondack and Pine Hill Trailways as needed. These have since grown to a fleet of 30 buses for New York Trailways alone, though buses from all three companies can and often do rotate among the three companies: Adirondack,Pine Hill, and New York Trailways. Both MCI  coaches of several models  and Prevost H  series coaches are used on New York Trailways line and charter   services.  The Rochester terminal at 187 Midtown Plaza also serves as the regional office for New York Trailways,since two of NYT's important  routes  meet here. It was also a headquarters for Empire Trailways at one  time as well.  Operations are supervised by several Empire Trailways veterans, one of whom not only is a company vice president, but a former driver  as well. Although New York,Adirondack and Pine Hill Trailways operate semiautonomously, the three companies are run by a  single management team, the head of whom is  a decendent of founder John Van Gonsic, who started the Adirondack line as the Rip Van Winkle line back in 1936. Since then,Pine Hill Trailways was acquired in 1964 and now operates essentially as  part of Adirondack, though buses still carry  Pine Hill Trailways on their sides. The bus numbering scheme for buses of the three companies goes like this: 62000 series numbes for Adirondack buses,72000 series for Pine Hill buses, and 82000 series numbers for  buses of New York Trailways.

Equipment fleets of Adirondack,Pine Hill  and New York Trailways.
Part 1. Adirondack Traillways
MCi    102B3        1992         47 Seats   62927-62929      3 buses
MCI    102B3        1992         43 Seats   62933-62934      2 buses
MCI    102B3         1992        47 Seats   62935                  1 bus
MCI    102B3         1993        43 Seats  62936-63937       2 buses
MCI    102B3          1993        47 Seats 62938-62939       2 buses
MCI    102B3          1994        43 Seats  62942-62943      2 buses
MCI    102D3          1994        41 Seats 62948                   1 bus
MCI    102D3          1994        43 Seats    62949-62950   2 buses
MCI    102D3          1994        47 Seats     62951               1 bus
MCI    102C3          1992        43 Seats    62955              1 bus
MCI    102C3           1993       43 Seats  62957-62959    3 buses
Prevost H341        1995        44 Seats  62960-62963    4 buses
Part II. Pine Hill Trailways Bus Fleet
MCI      J4500,01,23    2002  52 Seats  72928-72932    5 buses
Part III. New York Trailways (Passenger Bus Corporation)
MCI     102C3        1993           47 seats      82009          1 bus
MCI     102C3        1993           43 seats      82010          1 bus
MCI     102C3        1995            43 seats    82014,82015 2 buses
MCI     102C3        1997            47 seats    82016             1 bus
Prevost H345   1997-9            52 seats    82017-82024 8 buses
Prevost H345                            51 seats   82025-82029 5 buses
Prevost H345        1999           52 seats   82030              1 bus
MCI     J4500          2002           52  seats  82031-82043 13 buses
Buses 82034-82043 are wheel chair lift equipped as is Prevost bus 82021.