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Here we take a look  at Lockport Bus Lines, which   was founded in 1936   at  about the  same time its sister company Grand Island Transit Corporation was. It's  mission was to provide the city of Lockport   with reliable public transportation replacing the just discontinued trolley car  service then in operation by International Railway Company.

Lockport Bus Lines was founded by Ralph Weeks on December 20,1939 to provide local bus service to the city of Lockport, replacing service previously provided by the International Bus Corporation of Buffalo, which in turn replaced its parent company's trolley  service. The original route was of an east-west orientation. Less than a year later,  Lockport Bus Lines got into the interurban bus business by starting a route from Lockport to North Tonawanda on Sept. 20,,1940. About a month later that year, a third Lockport city route was added. The Lockport to North Tonawanda route expired on February 19,1950. 10 years later, Ralph Weeks sold Lockport Bus Lines to his son, Roger, who then bought four ex Greyhound GMC PD4103 diesel buses  and reconditioned them in anticipation of  taking over the Buffalo-Lockport route,which was accomplished in February 1962. At that  time, Lockport Bus Lines ran 13  round trips  a day between Buffalo and Lockport. When Lockport Bus Lines issued its final timetable on May 26,1973, the company operated 11 round trips between Buffalo and Lockport, two of which operated via Sheridan Drive and Transit road. By then, PD4104s and a PD4106 were used as the sole equipment on this run. In addition, Lockport Bus Lines  operated a route from Lockport to Barker on weekdays with a one way trip operating only on Saturdays. In 1975, Lockport Bus Lines passed into history becoming part of  the NFTA Metrobus system. The interurban route is now designated Route 44. There is no longer any service via the Sheridan Drive-Transit Road route segment via this route. The PD4104s continued in operation for another year before being replaced by GMC 'new look' suburbans  in 1976.

Final Fleet Roster of Lockport Bus Lines,Inc.
GMC     TGH3101    1955     No.23  to NFTA 223          1 Bus
GMC     TDH3714     1955     N0.28  to NFTA 228          1 Bus
GMC     PD4104  1957&59   Nos.34 and 35 to  NFA 234-235 2 buses
GMC    PD4104   1956-57Nos.40,41  to  NFTA 240-241 2 buses
GMC    PD4104    1956-60 Nos.43-48 to NFTA 243-248 6 buses
GMC    PD4106    1961      No.50    to NFTA No.250    1 bus
Total of 13 buses conveyed to NFTA upon sale of the company.Bus No.23 was converted to diesel power during the course of  its service life.
a.Greyhound Terminal
b.Main and Utica Streets
c.Main and Hertel Avenue
d.Main and Bailey
e.Millersport Highway and Sheridan Drive
f.Sheridan Drive  and Transit Road
g.Millersport Highway and Campbell Blvd.
1.Terminal (Bassett's Travel)
2.Ambleside Drive
2,Lockport-Barker Route
b.Wright's Corners
These were the stops served by Lockport Bus Lines in its final years of operation before the 1975 NFTA takeover. NFTA  continued this service intact for   some time and later    dropped the Barker route.