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The WNY Bus Station
D&F Transit, Inc.
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Here  is a look  at   D&F Transit  as it evolved from a local service carrier serving its  namesake communities    to a  regional intercity bus line, which   took over a number of Greyhound routes previously operated by the Buffalo and Erie Coach Company, and which Greyhound was no  longer interested in operating. D&F  Transit acquired these routes in 1962 and was sold to Niagara Scenic Bus Lines which continued to operate the Buffalo-Jamestown route  until the mid 1990s when Niagara Scenic was acquired by Coach USA, along with Blue Bird Coach Lines.

When Donald Topliffe and Lloyd Swanson founded D&F Transit on August 19,1953,  the company's original  mission was   to provide school bus service under contract to its namesake communities. In 1954, D&F's first full year of operation, they acquired the transit route from Greyhound  together with four buses,  two for charter work and the other two for line  service. As the company  grew, D&F Transit acquired school bus contracts serving Dunkirk,Fredonia, and nearby communities, thus resulting in the growth of the fleet to 8 buses by 1957 as a result of adding second hand intercity buses for charter work. The line work grew even more in 1962,  when on August 19, the routes between Westfield,Jamestown and Buffalo  were acquired from Greyhound   together with the route between Jamestown,Gowanda State Hospital and Little Valley. Five years later came authority to operate interstate  service between Dunkirk  and Erie,Pennsylvania. By this time the fleet   size had reached 17 buses.Prior to this,  1965 saw the start of commuter   service between Angola, Lotus Bay and Buffalo, a route that would be sold to Niagara Frontier Transit Metro System nine years later. This package included five GMC PD4106 coaches used to operate the route. The 1970s  saw the introduction of MCI coaches into the fleet in the form of several MC7s, which worked both charter and  line service. 1979 saw  the  extension of D&F Transit line service east of Buffalo  to Rochester   via Lockport  when they  picked up that route from Greyhound. In 1986, D&F Transit was sold  to Niagara Scenic Bus Lines, which  took over the line  service as well as charter rights, togehter with 51 school buses which  went to Fisher Bus Service. As for the 13 highway buses, most were not taken into Niagara Scenic's fleet. At the time of sale to Niagara Scenic, the route structure of D&F Transit consisted of the following: Buffalo-Silver Creek-Dunkirk-Fredonia-Jamestown,Jamestown-Gowanda-Little Valley, Jamestown-Warren,PA, and Buffalo-Lockport-Rochester. Sadly, Mr. Jack Swanson, by then,   the principal owner of D&F Transit, passed away in   the 1990s. The tour oriented company he founded after   selling D&F Transit is called, D&F Travel, not to be confused with the earlier bus company.  Today, the Buffalo-Dunkirk-Jamestown route is operated by Empire Transit Lines, a unit of Coach USA Western New York.

Final Fleet Roster of D&F Transit (Approximate)
GMC      SDM4501  45 Seats 1961  59,60,62,64,65         5 Buses
MCI          MC8          47 Seats 1978  7801                          1 bus
MCI          MC9          47 Seats 1981                                     1 Bus
Eagle      AE10         47 Seats  1982  8201-8202               2 buses
MCI          MC9          47 seats  1982  8203-8204               2 buses
MCI          MC9          47 Seats  1983  8301-8302               2 buses
Total Fleet consisted of 13 buses, of which only the MC9s were taken into the Niagara Scenic fleet, which had MC9s of its own, most with two piece plug doors instead of the single piece sedan style doors these Mc9s had.