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Western New York Transfer Points
Buffalo Transit Company,Inc.
Transit in the Salt City
Transit in the Cataract City
Transit in the Flower City
Serving The Niagara Frontier
Buffalo's Largest Suburban Bus Line

Here  we cover the Buffalo Transit Company from its founding by William Pennyseyers to its 1961 purchase by the Niagara Frontier Transit System, into which the company completely disappeared by 1964.

The Buffalo Transit Company was founded in 1924 by William H. Pennsyres as  the Buffalo and Akron Transit Company, whose original route ran from Buffalo through Cheektowaga to Clarence and Akron. In 1926,    the company added a route from Buffalo out to Depew,Lancaster,Alden,Darien Center,Alexander, and Attica. Fageol Safety Coaches were the company's first buses. 1927 saw the company change its name to the Buffalo Transit Company. BTC added service to Williamsville in 1930, replacing the just terminated streetcar service there. At that time,BTC's service area consisted of Cheektowaga,Depew,Lancaster,Bowmansville,Clarence,Alden,Akkron,Darien Center, Alexander,Attica, and now Eggertsville,Snyder  and Williamsville. This was not bad for a bus   company that had been in business for less than six years. Two companies that  figured in the growth of the Buffalo Transit Company and its service area were Erie County Motor Coach Lines established in1931 to operate bus service between Orchard Park,Hamburg,Gardenville and Ebenezer and the Hamburg Bus Company, whose routes were as follows:
2.South Park
3.Abbott Road
Hamburg Bus Company had 30  buses and 62 route miles. It was merged into BTC in 1946.The addition of these two companies to the BTC network helped form the Buffalo Transit Company's Lakeshore Division,which served the south suburbs of Buffalo. The Williamsville Division served  that community,  Snyder, and Eggertsville as well as portions of Cheektowaga.  The Broadway Division provided service to Cheektowaga,Sloan,Depew,Lancaster, and Alden and operated out of BTC headquarters at 200 Broadway. Buffalo Transit Company operated a fleet  of 125 buses, though 78 were used in normal daily operations, 28 of them   assigned to the Lakeshore Division. The following is an approximation of BTC's fleet roster for 1960, Buffalo Transit Company's final full year of independent operation before purchase by NFT in 1961.
GMC     TDH5106     1958    51 seats     300-329        30 buses
GMC     TDH4512     1957    45 seats     330-339        10 buses
GMC     TDH5302     1960    53  seats    340-349        10 buses
GMC     TDH4512   1955-47  45 seats    350-382         33 buses
Buffalo Transit Company used letters to designate its various routes  while NFT used numbers with letters for route variations. Here are the BTC routes:
A-Abbott Road
C-Camp Road
E-Electric Avenue
F-Gardenville (Seneca Street)
G-Genesee Street
H-Harlem Road
M-Main Street-Williamsville
O-Orchard Park
R-Ridge Road
S-South Park-Scranton

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